Hi Ladies, I am Sreenanda Shankar. I have been asked by a lot of people to have a blog where we mostly share makeup ideas. I took a course in makeup in London in 2007 but got busy with dancing and could not do much to share what I learnt. I’m here to help you achieve a complete makeover, but keeping your personality in mind, inspiring you to flaunt it. A lot of us want to get that “perfect make up look” but don’t know where to start. The most important thing about makeup is to know your face. It’s about highlighting your good features and hiding your flaws. You need to know your shades, brushes and brands. We are here to help each other with that. Welcome to Makeover Madness… It’s about accepting your own personality and what suits YOU! You can contact us anytime at makeovermadness2512@gmail.com for any queries about makeovers. The looks are┬ábased on how I do my personal makeup which I’ve been sharing on Makeover Madness for years now. There is no right and wrong in makeup and it doesn’t matter in what order you apply the products. If the look falls into place then it’s correct. I have shared the names of some of the products based on my personal choice, though my request to you is go more for the technique than just concentrating on the brands. At the end of the day you’re free to use what you want, as long as the look falls into place. I will mostly be sharing the break up of my looks and sometimes videos to share the technique.

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