A special Makeover on Jayatri…

Base/Foundation: Mac Studio fix powder plus foundation and the MAC Select Cover concealer.

Eyes:¬†On her upper eye lid I have used the Shiseido cream eye shadow in BK 912. On top of that I have used a layer of the eye shadow “blackout” by Urban Decay. On the crease line I have used the eye shadows “texture” and “brown down” both by MAC. On the brow bone I have used a champagne shade. On the lower water line and lash line I have used the Maybelline Colossal kajal and smudged it. Completed the eye makeup with the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyes Mascara. You can check out my Smokey Eyes tutorial video for the technique.

Face: I have contoured her face with the MAC Matte Bronze. Blush on is Mocha by MAC. Highlighted with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam palette. The shade is “crushed pearl.”

Lips: Sephora Color Lip Last lipstick no. 02

Sari by Abhishek Ray

Photos by Rishi Roy

IMG_1304 IMG_1259

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Woo Hoo … Not that Jayatri or Rajatri need any makeover as they are beautiful thanks to their eyes, smile, positivity, parents genes, mashi’s look, and they both have a heart of gold … But that little something from you has transformed Jayatri into such a stunning looker ! You too do magic with your hands !!


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