FOUNDATION/CONCEALER/POWDER- If you only need one of these items or all three they are the starting point of any fresh face. Foundation should always match your neck or arm, so you don’t have to blend any further than your jawline. Concealer goes on after foundation for areas the foundation didn’t cover. Powder is your finishing touch, to seal & soften your foundation and concealer. As I am going into looks that are for women for daily use or occasions, I would avoid a very thick and dramatic base. Maybe a little bit of concealer. I know that everyone can’t afford MAC. If nothing else I do insist that you’re compact as you call it is a studio fix from MAC which will last you a very long time and does the work of a foundation, concealer and powder. Unless you have major marks on your face and need a separate concealer.

BLUSH/BRONZER- This item is a must to infuse colour into your face. Used on your cheekbones and swept back into the hairline, it makes you glow. Bronzer should be placed anywhere the sun would naturally kiss your face, high points of our bone structure. Forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. You can camouflage a full face by brushing along the lower jowl area or a little under chin fullness by applying there as well. If you’re using just blush avoid the chin area if you have a round face.

LIGHT COLOURED EYESHADOW– This item is necessary for highlighting the bone structure of the eye and drawing light into the area to make eyes more expressive. One with a tiny bit of shimmer will catch the light and bring attention to the contrast of brow bone and crease area.

NEUTRAL MEDIUM COLOURED EYESHADOW- This shadow belongs in and slightly above the crease. Following the shape of the eyebrow and most recessed part of the crease. Attach colour from the crease to lash line by filling in a small blended triangle in the outside corner of the eye.

DARK COLOURED EYESHADOW- This is for achieving any kind of a smokey look. Black being the best option for smokey eyes. Brown and dark blue can also be used to get a smokey eye look initially to get your hand ready to use black. Black can be a bit messy to work with initially. We will come to that later.

EYELINER- Use eyeliner to accentuate eye shape as well as make your lashes look like they are coming from a fuller base. Full or a fine line depending on your eye size and style will give you the definition you need.

MASCARA- This is the one item most women will not go without. Making lashes longer and fuller makes your face look feminine. According to me this is a very important part of your basic makeup kit. No eye makeup looks complete without mascara.

LIP LINER- Lip liner defines the shape of your lips. You can make your lips perfectly defined or a little more pouty and help your lipstick or lip gloss stay in place and last much longer with lip liner. A nude shade is a must have. Nude lip liners are the best primers for lips.

LIPSTICK/LIP GLOSS- Everyone can benefit from a little colour or gloss to their lips. Whether it is a natural shade that you can wear everyday with everything or just a hint of moist with a gloss. If you are one who can carry off the deeper colours just go for them. Lip color is just as important to accentuate as your eyes. Eyes and lips are the two areas most people pay attention to when they see or speak to you.

THE RIGHT BRUSHES- To use most of the products mentioned above, using the right kind of brushes will give you the best result. I usually use MAC brushes. These are the best but can be a bit expensive. I will share pictures of these brushes with their numbers. If you don’t want to get these, you can get other brands keeping the shape of the brushes I share in mind. In India Vega is a good brand. Follow the shape of the brushes I use in my makeup tutorial videos.

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Please give a tutorial video of the way of using these products mentioned above.


Hi shreenanda please tell us the shade number of studio fix you are using? It will be of great help

Sreya Chatterjee

Please make a tutorial for eye makeup specifically for ” big eyes ” .


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