Contouring and highlighting…

Contouring and highlighting can make your face look thinner and chiseled!

Dark colours shade and make areas recede. They should be used on the hollow of the cheek, temples, sides of the nose and the double chin.

Light colours highlight and make areas come forward. They should be used on the apple of the cheek, under the eye, the browbone and the middle of the chin.

Practice at home in daylight and test your progress. You may not end up contouring and highlighting on a daily basis. However it can really make a difference for special occasions and photographs.

Powder based products should be blended using appropriate brushes as shown in my videos. Cream based products can be blended with your fingers or a sponge. While blending, focus on keeping the product in the general area where it is meant to be applied, but use enough to eliminate any obvious and harsh lines by blending well.

Powder based contouring and highlighting products look more natural and are meant for daily use. Beginners will also find these products easier to apply. I usually use a darker shade of Studio Fix or the MAC Matte Bronze for contouring so that the whole process of application and blending can be done with a brush. Shimmer and pearlized powders make great highlighters.

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