Some makeup mistakes one must avoid…

1. Foundation is not supposed to make your skin look fair. How will it match with the color of your hands then? Instead, it’s supposed to create a perfect, smooth complexion and cover-up any imperfections. This is why you should always use a foundation which blends in with your skin. Always try it on your jawline or arm. If the shade disappears then that’s your shade. Take help, try it on. See it in sunlight.

2. Avoid applying makeup on dry, flaky skin. Foundation will only emphasize the flakes by sitting on top of them instead of blending in with your skin. Fix the dryness by exfoliating regularly (to get rid of flakes) and following that up with a rich moisturizer. Smoother skin means a much smoother application and finished look.

3. Your eye brows shouldn’t be a distraction. Keep them groomed. Eye brows must blend in to your face and not stand out for being out of shape. Neat eye brows also enhance the eye makeup in a better way. If you’re a blogger then neat eye brows are almost like a duty!

4. Don’t wear an entire eye palette on your lids: Just because your compact came with four or more colors packaged together doesn’t mean you have to paint them all onto your eyelids at once! Unless you’re walking the ramp with a theme don’t go beyond three colors. The palest one would be for your brow bone. The other two would be for your upper eye lid and crease line.

5. Pale lipsticks with pigmentation around your lips can look weird. Pale shades are not meant for warm toned women unless their foundation application is picture perfect. If you have a warm skin tone and you have pigmentation around your lips use a peachy or orang-ish concealer. Lip lining is an art. If you get it right then the range of shades one can use will increase. Avoid a lip shade that is paler than the shade of your gums.

6. Concealer mistake. Never buy a concealer that is more than one or maximum 2 shades lighter than your foundation. ALWAYS try it before you purchase.

7. Skipping a primer when you want to keep your makeup on for long can make it patchy and oily in no time. Use a primer and see the difference. Always prime your eyes before eye shadow application. Make it a habit!

8. Avoid harsh lines. Without blending makeup properly, it’s not going to look natural. This applies to foundation, blush, and eye shadow, which all need to be blended in a smooth and seamless way. The right tools make this much easier to do. It’s well worth it to invest in an assortment of makeup brushes. Just make sure to replace old brushes. When they become too dirty, they can have a negative impact on the quality of the makeup that is used. MAC according to me has the best brush cleaner.

9. Using Too Much Makeup in General can look weird. The most effective way to use makeup is to apply it in a way that accentuates a single feature. For example, use a bright lipstick to play up the lips or smoky eye shadow to jazz up the eyes. A major mistake to avoid is trying to draw attention to every part of the face. Dressing up the lips, eyes, cheeks, and other parts of the face with too much makeup will look cartoonish. Choose a single part of the face to accentuate and do most of the work there. Use a light touch with the rest of the face. In the end, it will produce a more natural and attractive look.

10. Very important: Please know the difference between makeup at work and makeup for an evening out.

When it comes to makeup, there are good ways and not-so-good ways to apply it. By avoiding the most common makeup mistakes, women can use makeup in a way that flatters and enhances their appearance.


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vanita bayreja

I ve wheatish to fair skin.Please guide me the make up products as foundation primer n concealer


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