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Your style should be a reflection of your attitude and your personality. That’s the only way to look your best! There’s a very thin line between wearing what is in and looking like a “wannabe” so even amongst what is in, choose what you can carry off and what suits you! Don’t blindly follow the masses, don’t even blindly follow every look I share. I share a lot of looks, even from those, choose well.

Now that you are a part of MM there are a few things I would like you guys to do. Keep your eyes open. Look at posters with models and actors. See what’s good about their makeup and see where they are going wrong.

Remember celebrities don’t wake up looking perfect. They work at it. The hair is blow dried or set all the time. Don’t go to a salon and ask for a haircut like a heroine unless you take care of it and style and set it the way they do. Get haircuts that you will be able to maintain.

I am here to show a path. I am here to make it easy, but don’t give up on your own imagination.

Follow my technique but be creative with the colors. Develop an eye for detail. Try new things, figure it out. That’s what I want!


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