Make-up do’s and don’ts for work…

Make-up do’s and don’ts for work!

A classically made-up face is going to make you seem more professional than one that looks like it’s going club-hopping. And even if you’re a non-make-up wearer, you may want to consider wearing just a little, as a bare face in the workplace can also have its disadvantages.

Do: Always even out your complexion. If you have fairly good skin, a sheer foundation may be all you need. If you have breakouts or age spots, a creamy-based concealer applied with a brush will do the trick, and for the under-eye area, concealer will disguise dark circles, making you look awake and alert.

Don’t: Apply your make-up so it looks heavy. Keep your look simple and fresh for work. A studio fix powder base is more than enough.

Do: Wear color on your cheeks. While a face that’s had concealer, foundation and powder can look even and uniform, it can also start to look flat. Fix this with blush. Think a natural flush on the apple of the cheeks rather than highlighting the cheek bone. Smile and apply it to the fleshy parts of the cheeks in a soft circular motion.

Don’t: Wear inappropriate color. Makeup suitable for work depends greatly on where you work and what you do. A bright-red or shocking pink lip may not work in a corporate office but would look great on someone working in fashion or media. The key is to find a look that works for you and suits the environment you are in.

Do: Look for long-lasting products. And remember to touch-up your lipstick or gloss, and use your compact to avoid a shiny nose once in a while!

Don’t: Spend hours getting ready. A beautiful yet professional work look need not take a long time. A highly made-up face, while polished and perfect, may actually make colleagues feel threatened. Office make-up should always make you look like an enhanced version of yourself, not a version that attracts wrong kind of attention.

Do: Use your makeup. Whatever little you do, do it well. Good makeup shows that you know what you’re doing!


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