Monthly Archives: April 30, 2016

A Natural Daily Summer Look (1)

Foundation: Mac Studio fix powder plus foundation and the MAC Select Cover concealer. Eyes: I have used the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette for my eyes. I think this is a perfect palette for summer. On my upper eye lis I have used the shade “buzz” and on my crease line I have used the…read more

Keep the base light and pop the lips! A colourful daily look.

My base is the MAC Studio Fix Powder plus foundation and the MAC Moisture cover concealer. I’ve used very less concealer keeping in mind that it’s a daily look. On my upper eye lid I have used a pale pink shade from a VOV palette. On my crease line I have used a shade called…read more


  FOUNDATION/CONCEALER/POWDER- If you only need one of these items or all three they are the starting point of any fresh face. Foundation should always match your neck or arm, so you don’t have to blend any further than your jawline. Concealer goes on after foundation for areas the foundation didn’t cover. Powder is your…read more

A few important Daily Makeup rules…

  1. One always follows certain types of rules in life. The same goes for makeup too. But what are makeup rules? There are no rules about what you choose to wear, but there are rules on how to apply makeup, what to use, etc. 2. Foundation and powder tone should correspond to your natural…read more

Contouring and highlighting…

Contouring and highlighting can make your face look thinner and chiseled! Dark colours shade and make areas recede. They should be used on the hollow of the cheek, temples, sides of the nose and the double chin. Light colours highlight and make areas come forward. They should be used on the apple of the cheek, under…read more

Some makeup mistakes one must avoid…

1. Foundation is not supposed to make your skin look fair. How will it match with the color of your hands then? Instead, it’s supposed to create a perfect, smooth complexion and cover-up any imperfections. This is why you should always use a foundation which blends in with your skin. Always try it on your…read more

Something about Style…

Your style should be a reflection of your attitude and your personality. That’s the only way to look your best! There’s a very thin line between wearing what is in and looking like a “wannabe” so even amongst what is in, choose what you can carry off and what suits you! Don’t blindly follow the…read more

Make-up do’s and don’ts for work…

Make-up do’s and don’ts for work! A classically made-up face is going to make you seem more professional than one that looks like it’s going club-hopping. And even if you’re a non-make-up wearer, you may want to consider wearing just a little, as a bare face in the workplace can also have its disadvantages. Do:…read more