Black Smokey Eyes Video Tutorial

mqdefaultSmoky eyes… My first tutorial video. This look is based on how I do my personal makeup which I’ve been sharing on Makeover Madness for over three years now. There is no right and wrong in makeup and it doesn’t matter in what order you apply the products. If the look falls into place then it’s correct. I have shared the names of some of the products based on my personal choice, though my request to you is go more for the technique than just concentrating on the brands. At the end of the day you’re free to use what you want, as long as the look falls into place.

Watch the video here…


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pamela sarkar

Always a fan of your styling and tricks!!! Best of luck and may you thrive and flourish more in every field of works!!


I love this smokey eye tutorial. It looks dramatic yet warm. I had a question if you could please answer, about the brushes.should one use different brushes for different shadows or should one have a bundle of brushes for light/dark shadows or what is the common norm? (It shouldn’t be that there are remnants of a previous colour that was used 🙂 ). I am planning to buy some so any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


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